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We offer customizable tutoring to help you meet your goals before your exam date. Archer Review tutors are exceptional at meeting your needs with specific expertise in test preparation and strategy. Tailored study plans and tutoring specific to weaker areas or general knowledge will set you up for success. Walk into your exam with confidence, knowing you are going to pass!

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The teaching sessions are highly interactive and take advantage of screen-sharing and live annotations.


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Tutors will design a customized plan tailored to your strengths/weaknesses, learning style, and goals


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Our Handpicked USMLE Tutors

Dr. Rumalla has years of experience with professional tutoring and will go through practice questions step-by-step so you can understand the bigger picture, instead of focusing on distractors and trying to memorize material. Kavelin is a comprehensive and passionate instructor who strives to help students exceed their goal scores on the USMLE exams. During sessions, Kavelin illustrates a systematic approach to deciphering vignettes, selecting the correct answer, and learning from the material. Focused question bank review is of utmost importance. He shares tried and tested insights into exam preparation that have helped students increase their test scores. Now that the USMLE step 1 exam has become a pass/fail exam, Kavelin aims to help thousands of Step 1 students with his time-tested strategies. He is also an exceptional tutor for the USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 exams.